VOIP Phone Systems

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the latest technology in phone systems. Many TRZ Communications clients have done away with the older analog systems that run on an independent system designed just for phone lines. Today, most buildings run on a streamlined data network. VoIP allows you to not only perform the basic operations of a phone system like answer calls and take messages – but because the system is integrated with the data network, you can communicate more efficiently through VoIP’s enhanced features.

Networked phone system

Set up your phone system to run alongside your printers, computers, video cameras, security system and more.

Unified messaging

Get your messages in the way you need them… when you need them.  You don’t even need to be at your phone in order to check your messages.

Computer integration

See who’s calling, view your voicemails, save caller data – all through the computer.


Forward your office calls to your cell phone.


Set up mailboxes for 1 to 100 users (or more).

Auto attendant

Reduce admin costs and become more efficient by setting up a system that directs callers to the right person upon calling your office.

CRM integration

Make life easier … and close the sale! Integrating your CRM with your VoIP can allow your sales team or customer service representatives to provide that extra level of service and knowledge.

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