ShoreTel offers a VoIP system that is the clear leader in the telecommunications industry for those desiring their phone system to be integrated with the network. Phones can range from one to three lines or up to as many as 12 and 24 lines. ShoreTel phones come built with a variety of features, each make and model differs. Some of the features of ShoreTel phones include:

  • Multiple lines
  • Button box
  • Key system
  • Integrated VPN
  • Ethernet connection
  • Bluetooth
  • Touch screen

TRZ Communications can assist clients in determining which models of ShoreTel phones they need. We’ve recognized the unique needs of receptionist desks, conference rooms, break rooms, mobile workers and more. We’re eager to meet, understand your business and make the right recommendation for you.

Using your ShoreTel Phone

Please see below for the User Guides for ShoreTel phones sold by TRZ Communications:

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