TRZ Communications has worked with many clients across the state of Missouri and Eastern Kansas. From school systems and municipalities to small and medium-sized businesses, we’re the telecommunications provider for many in the area. We provide a range of trusted telecommunications products and have a price point for every client. Depending on your budget, we can supply you with a phone system that will meet all your needs. We stand behind each product line and provide support and service before, during and after the install.

We supply products from the following phone system brands. Our competitive prices allow us to offer the right gear at a fair price sold from a team who knows how to install and service it.

While we install and supply only the following products, we provide service for all other makes and models.


The “Cadillac” of office phone systems in VoIP.


A popular brand among North America and Canada that provides analog and network phones.


A reliable, budget-friendly VoIP system.

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