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Company Overview

TRZ Communications began when three college friends began getting calls and taking numbers. And we’re not just talking about girls.

Chris Taylor, Kevin Roth & Jerry Zade were three buddies from Devry who were all working for larger companies when they began to help smaller businesses with telecommunications “on the side.” The evening and side work became busy enough that their small company was formed. They took the first letter from each of their last names and soon – TRZ was formed. As the company grew it quickly needed full-time assistance. Kevin was the one to take the leap.

Kevin and his wife now own and manage TRZ Communications out of Lone Jack, MO. The company has provided outstanding telecommunications services to Missouri businesses and organizations since 1995.

While the other guys never launched out full-time, the three guys of “TRZ” are still friends and their telecommunications company is still known for outstanding work and telecommunications services.